DJ School Australia is aiming to be the leading digital music education provider by 2020 and are currently looking for new, professional, accountable, outgoing and enthusiastic DJs & producers. Experience is essential as you will not undergo any formal training. You must have a positive and enthusiastic attitude to teach DJing/production. You will be responsible for interacting & booking in your own students.

You must be reliable, honest and responsible as you will have the obligation of reporting your taught hours weekly.

Please do not apply unless you can confirm all the below criteria:

  • You are able to teach out of your own residence (or be happy to travel)
  • Your residence is presentable, safe & suitable for students to attend
  • You own DJ/production equipment that you can teach your students on.



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Do you have your own space/studio/room/residence that you're able to teach out of?

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How does this whole thing work?

We’re revolutionising the way that people learn how to DJ in a more fun, relaxed and casual lesson type. For our teachers, we’re trying to set up a side job so that our teachers have a bit of extra cash to play with. This will never be your full time profession with us, but it’s the perfect additional side-hustle to pay for your weekend beers or fun-money. The idea is that we set you up with a profile on our site, we send enquiries to you. You call them to book in a lesson, and you try to keep them on as a regular student. You can set your own schedule to fit inside your lifestyle. Keeping in mind that most students are more available after work or on weekends. 

How much money will I make?

We allow our teachers to set their own rates when teaching. You’re welcome to charge whatever you want, keeping in mind that the more you ask for, the less likely you have a chance of converting. If you have a great profile with us (images, mixes, videos, bio etc) – you’ll be able to charge more. So we strongly recommend investing in some professional photos of you doing your thing. We make our money by a small fee ontop of each lesson that you teach. You’re welcome to change your rate over time too. Some of our teachers like to start low, and then increase once they have a couple of students under their belt. We have some suggested guidlines and recommendations for pricing structures that we can talk through with you.

What's the on-boarding process?
  • Fill out an application above
  • Schedule a Zoom Interview with us to meet/greet you
  • We inspect your teaching space & ask for a walk-through on Zoom of your house to ensure our safety standards are met
  • Send us a few photos/mixes/videos etc to make your profile
  • You may be asked to complete some required to provide a Police Check/Working With Childrens Check
  • We start sending you students!
Do I have to teach students at my house?

It works best if you have a little area that is sectioned off from the rest of your house where you can teach. You don’t have to host students at your place, and you can travel to their houses if you wish – but the travelling/setting up can get tiring, and we find it doesn’t fit as conviniently as when the students come to your house/studio, you jam for a few hours, and you get paid! You’re obviously welcome to charge a travel fee if you want, we don’t mind that at all.

What equipment do i need?

You need a DJ console, speakers/studio monitors & headphones. It doesn’t need to be the top of the line CDJ2000 nexus series. Most of our teachers teach on a Pioneer XDJ RX2 or equivalent in Serato/Traktor. A lot of students will have their own consoles & will come to you for advice on what to buy. You need to be able to suggest a few consoles & weigh up pros/cons of each device with them. 

What do I need to get started?
  1. We need to make a profile for you first and formost: send us your photos, write a bio. You should be aiming to develop your profile over time as you get better photos/mixes etc. See this profile here for inspiration.
  2. A dedicated safe space/desk where you can host students for your lesson
  3. A DJ console/computer & some basic monitor speakers
  4. If you have a working with childrens check, or a police-check, that will help your application
  5. A fun and approachable attitude!
Who will I be teaching?

We receive enquiries from people of all ages & walks of life. You’ll need to be comfortable teaching kids through to adults & we may ask you to register for a working with childrens check if you don’t have one. We’ve taught all ages from 6 y.o to 60 y.o. Students will have differing ambitions & goals. For most it will be a hobby, for some they have larger ambitions of performing in clubs/festivals or making a name/brand for themselves. Most students will come with no knowledge whatsoever, and some will have a basic or intermediate knowledge. You’ll be able to determine their level of experience quite accurately in your first lesson with the student.

NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme
We also are setting up a partnership with the NDIS and have some students with disabilities. Skill ability varies with students who are on the NDIS. Some will require a carer to be present, others will not & will be more autnomous. These lessons can be the most rewarding lessons that you do. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The students absolutely love the lessons, it’s a unique activity that falls outside of their regular routine. And their parent/guardian are subsidised by the government for the lessons, so they tend ot be more regular and reliable students.

How can I get more bookings?
  1. If your profile looks mint. Get better photos, do more mixes, write a bettrer bio etc
  2. You live in a close location to the city that you’re listed (people who live an hour away from the city they’re listed in are less likely to get work)
  3. Your phone manner/email communication is professional – you’re going to be doing the booking & selling yourself, so you need to get good at evoking interest and booking in students for a trial lesson. We have some tips on how to help this.
  4. Lock in regular students! It’s usually pretty easy to get someone for their first lesson to try it out. The key to making good money with us is to have regular students. The best way to do this we find, is to ask at the end of the first lesson when they’d like to book in the next. Also require any regular students to pay one lesson in advance, so you always have one lesson security with you in the event of cancellation. At the end of each lesson, book in the next time.
  5. Be an awesome, fun teacher!
I have housemates/family living with me, is that a problem?

As long as you have a seperate area that is away from interruptions of other people living with you, then that’s completely fine! Some of our teachers even teach out of their bedroom (as long as the room is big enough, with a studio/desk in the corner & the room is kept neat/tidy).

What’s not okay is trying to teach in your family room while Grandma is making a sandwhich in the background talking to you about “the good ‘ol days”. 

Real life example

Nathan has a full-time Monday-Friday job & knows how to DJ. He has Saturdays between 9am-3pm free & enjoys Sunday for his day of rest. Nathan teaches 2 lesssons on Saturday & one on Tuesday evening after-hours in his spare bedroom of his residence in Melbourne. 3 lessons is enough for him to teach right now as he doesn’t want to overload himself & he occasionally does a DJ gig on a Saturday night, so he requests that other enquiries be redirected to other teachers until one of his 3 students drops off. He makes a few hundred bucks extra from this each week which allows him to have a more lavish lifestyle when he wants to party/enjoy himself & doesn’t have to worry about dipping into his full-time wage earnings.