Nadine Profile Shot - Sydney Instructor



  • DJing
  • Rekordbox
  • Serato
  • Music Production
  • Ableton
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Nadine’s DJ career started in 2017 in Beirut. She quickly picked up the skill as beat matching and mixing came very naturally to her. She started by spinning hip-hop, r&b and indie dance tunes in bars and small venues. Her interest and knack for experimentation in music quickly streamed into techno and house music as Nadine invested more time playing in exclusive underground events, and practicing live music production and hybrid sets with a group of DJs and producers based in Beirut.

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Nadine is shaped by the organic sounds of guitars and drums as she taught herself guitar at the age of 11 and drums at the age of 19 back when punk rock was a thing. She also experimented at a very young age with music production using basic DAWs such as Garageband, which gave her a foundation for creating music in a digital environment. Her musical ear and background has helped her venture more recently into electronic music production using Ableton.