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Stone - Press Shot 8


Jake’s (aka Stone Unknown) national and international experience includes; Bars, Festivals, Private Events, Boat Parties, Beach Parties, Luxury Hotel Events, Gyms and Genre-Specific/Themed Nights. Known for his charismatic and engaging performance, Stone understands the importance of flow during an event and provides the perfect selection to engage the crowd. His live on-stage experience is phenomenal and has also had a large involvement in the national Yourshot DJ competition in the progression & tuition of budding DJs.

Stone - Press Shot 8


With thirteen years of experience stemming from a personal business, he has an in-depth knowledge of many genres of music as well as technical aspects of equipment use. Now established in the “Bass-Music,” Bar/Club scene andInternationally, Jake is a DJ that is sure to your event to the next level.

Jacob Stone


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What people are saying…

I was lucky enough to have Jake as my mentor for Your Shot VIC 2019, and I cannot be more grateful. His knowledge of equipment and music is second to none, and his passion to pass this on is absolutely evident when you meet him. Really pleased to say that Jake has been an integral part of my career both during and since Your Shot, and his continued support is inspiring to say the least. And I’d better mention he is an absolute weapon behind some decks, vinyl or digital!
Talia Louise

Jake was the best teacher for my partner and I starting out as beginners! Not only did he teach us the basic skills to get started but was committed to helping us develop our personal music taste, stage presence and general love for music. You rock!! @amandapleaseofficial
Demi Megan

Awesome teacher, a world of knowledge. Taught my brother and I how to dj and made it easy to learn great guy and humble.
Timothy Soumplis


What people are saying…



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