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DJ School Australia welcomes and has a number of active students who are supported on NDIS plans. Our DJ music lessons for NDIS plan students are some of the most rewarding lessons that we teach, and we absolutely love our students. Our DJ Instructors are supportive, reliable, inclusive, honest and responsible people who have experience in teaching individuals of all abilities.

Benefits of our 1-on-1 DJ / Music Creation lessons

  • Unique Weekly Activity
  • Interactive & Engaging Hands-On Participation
  • Confidence Building & Inspiration
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Students can choose the music they love to listen to
  • No equipment or anything is required – we have all the required equipment to learn how to DJ or produce & create music.
  • Both DJ Lessons and Music Production/Creation Lessons available


How do DJ lessons on NDIS plans work?
  • Lessons fall under the invoicing category: Group Activities – Standard Weekly Rate
  • Current students are claiming 99% of their music lesson fees through their NDIS plans
  • Available to all students on self-managed or plan-managed plans
  • We have teachers in the top 20 major cities in Australia
  • It’s best for the student to try it out for a lesson or two, to see if they love the lessons, before continuing on a weekly basis.
  • Students come to home studios that are setup by our teachers
  • Some teachers do offer in-home classes, (additional time & travel fees apply)
How does the claiming process work with the NDIS?
  • We are not involved in the claiming process through the NDIS
  • Students first pay up front or on the day for their DJ lessons just as all of our students do.
  • The student / plan manager will let us know what specific code to include on the invoice so that it’s able to be claimed.
  • It’s up to the carer / plan manager / support worker to pass on our invoices to the NDIS for claiming after the lesson has been paid for up front (and to let us know what to include on those invoices)
  • Claiming for reimbursement after the lessons is the responsibilty of the student/support-worker/parent/plan-manager, not the teacher.
  • For most of our current students, lessons fall into the Access Community Social And Rec Activities category
How much does it cost?

Our instructors charge different rates based on different locations & their level of experience/demand. Most of our teachers rates fall somewhere between $75 – $120 per lesson. If you fill out a booking form, a teacher will be in contact with you and will discuss their rates.

Can the carer or parent be present?

You’re absolutley! Carers and parents are absolutely welcome in the lessons. They’re even welcome to participate if they like! Note that it’s not mandatory though, that’s entirely up to you if you’d like to stay.

How much of your lessons can I claim through the NDIS?

That will depend on your plan & support worker, however we have students currenlty who are successfully claiming 99% of their lesson fees.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Our teachers teach out of their home studios, and most absolutely do, but you’ll have to confirm that with your individual teacher.

Can the teacher come to me?

Some of our teachers will travel to teach, but you’ll have to discuss that with your individual teacher, and usually an additional travel fee and a minimum hourly charge will apply.

What category are your lessons claimed from Core Support or Capacity building?

You’ll have to confirm that with your plan manager, but to the best of our knowledge funding falls under the client’s core budget, social and community participation. 

Do you have a service agreement?

Most of our lessons are not taught under a service agreement. But we’re more than happy to organise one of these for you if required. 

Are your lessons run by allied health professionals?

No our lessons are run by professional DJs & music producers who have experience in teaching people of all differing abilities in a fun, engaging, and inspiring way. 



“Both myself and my son Elijah highly recommend DJ School Australia for DJ & Music lessons for NDIS particpants. Our experience has been first class, warm and professional. Elijah gets so much out of his DJ classes with Nathan. He has learnt a great deal about mixing music and working with special equipment and technology (apologies I am not versed in the lingo!!).

It is pleasing to see his interest grow and in becoming a bit of a new found passion. This has fostered some confidence and motivation to keep learning and expanding his knowledge.

Elijah hopes to secure employment in the industry and feel we are building a great foundation for that goal to be accomplished. This will be an experience that will carry him through life. Classes are one on one, informal self paced. A third a person is welcome to sit in on class if needed for support. He is enjoying classes so much we are attending weekly with bells and whistles on!”


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