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The best Electronic Music Production Ableton Courses in Melbourne. 1-on-1 Music production lessons from experienced teachers in Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio & other DAW software. Learn how to remix, produce music, design sound, arrange tracks, mix, master and more.

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Inspiring and infomative Ableton & Music Production courses in Melbourne

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Hand pick selection your own Melbourne Music Production Teacher. Unsure who’s best suited to your needs? Don’t worry! We’ll match you to the most appropriate teacher when you fill out our contact form. Beginner to Advanced lessons available.

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Braydon DJ Lessons Hobart


South Yarra

Music Production, Ableton Lessons, Logic, Pro Tools, Sound Design, Music Theory, Mixing & Mastering

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Nathan Hobart DJ School


St Kilda East

Music Production Lessons
Ableton Classes

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Mykey Hobart DJ Course



Music Production Course in Cubase, Cool Edit Pro,
Also teaches: DJ

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Electronic Music Production & Ableton Courses

We teach the best electronic music production courses in Melbourne. Learn how to navigate the latest DAW software to produce, arrange, remix, mix and master your own recordings. While you can try to learn online, production is very difficult to learn by yourself. So you really need an experienced teacher guiding you through step by step in a 1-on-1 music production lesson. Our classes are will have you laying down your own beats, designing sounds with the latest synthesisers and bouncing out your own tunes in no time.  Learn how to make your own music today!

Electronic Music Production Lessons in Melbourne
Ableton Course Melbourne | Ableton Lessons in Melbourne

Ableton Course Melbourne

Our Ableton Courses teach you in a 1-on-1 environment & are the most fun and affordable Ableton lessons in Melbourne. Currently, the most popular DAW software choice for producing your own electronic beats is Ableton Live. It’s shot to success in the DJ/Production scene over the last 15 years and is used by many famous DJs all over the world including Flume, Skrillex, Diplo and many more. Learn the shortcuts, ins/outs, hardware & software from our Ableton teachers. If you’re brand new to producing your own music, our 1-on-1 Melbourne Ableton classes are the way to go.

Ableton Course Melbourne | Ableton Lessons in Melbourne

Garage Band, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase & more…

Engaging, fun and easy lessons in Garage Band, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One & more. Learning multiple Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) is the way to go! Our experienced instructors can make you a pro in sound design, music theory, arrangements, layering, mixing, remixing and mastering your own tracks. While a lot of people start on Garage Band, you really want to progress to more advanced software and become an expert in all digital electronic synthesisers, effects and plugins. Learn everything from Sylenth, Serum to Massive and the entire Native Instruments Komplete series. We’ve got you covered!

Logic Lessons Melbourne, Logic Pro Course, Garage Band Course
Record Your Own Music, Music Courses Melbourne

Produce and Record Your Own Music In Our Ableton Course

Do you have a bit of musical training already? Maybe you learnt a few years of piano or guitar as a kid. Are you a singer in the shower but unsure of how to record yourself? Learn how to record yourself live onto your laptop in our production classes. Add effects, EQs and reverbs to turn your half-hacked recording into a musical masterpiece. Our music production lessons can show you how to do this! All you need is a little electronic music training and some basic equipment.

Record Your Own Music, Music Courses Melbourne