Kids DJ Lessons

Fun, affordable and interactive kids DJ lessons

  • You’re never too young to try out one of our kids DJ lessons!
  • Are you trying to get your child excited and interested in music?
  • Are you aware of the benefits of musical education for teenagers, but just can’t seem to get them excited enough to learn the piano or guitar?
  • DJing & Music Production are some of the most fun and engaging ways that kids and teenagers can learn how to DJ.
  • Develop an understanding for music theory and electronic music production in a modern, fresh and exciting form of education.
Kids DJ Lessons | DJ Lessons for Kids
DJ Lessons for kids

Benefits of our DJ Lessons for kids

  • Unique Weekly Activity
  • Interactive & Engaging Hands-On Participation
  • Confidence Building & Inspiration
  • Students can choose the music they love to listen to
  • Introduction to music theory and sound design
  • No equipment or anything is required – we have all the required equipment to learn how to DJ or produce & create music.
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Teachers have working with children’s checks
  • You can sit in on the DJ lessons with your child/teenager



How young is too young?

There’s value to be had at just about any age! We’ve taught kids as young as 5 or 6 and know how to restructure the lessons to make them age appropriate. Obviously the content and teaching style will be different between teaching a teenager and a child. Our instructors are well versed in adapting their classes to suit the age of the student.

Do I need to sit in on the lessons with my child?

You’re absolutely welcome to come along with your child for as many lessons as you like! Feel free to bring a laptop along and do some work in the background. Or if you’d rather an hour or two to get a coffee, you can leave them with us! 

My Child is on the NDIS, can we claim their lessons?

Absolutely! We have students on both self-managed & plan-managed NDIS plans who are able to claim up to 99% of their lessons on their plans. See our NDIS PAGE HERE for more information. 



DJ Lessons for Kids on NDIS