Here’s our FAQ, our most frequently asked questions

How Do I book?
  1. Choose your teacher based on what you want to learn and their location
  2. Fill Out A Booking Form
  3. We will be in touch within 72 hours, if you haven’t heard from us feel free to email [email protected]
  4. Setup a time with your teacher to try your first lesson
  5. Decide if you like it or not, and continue to book on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis
How much does it cost?

Our instructors charge different rates based on different locations & their level of experience/demand. If you fill out a booking form, a teacher will be in contact with you and will discuss their rates.

Do I get a discount for booking multiple lessons?

Some of our teachers do offer bulk discounts if you book in 5 or 10 lessons & pay up front. You’ll have to discuss that with your individual teacher.

What do I need to bring to my lesson?
  • Pen & Paper
  • A laptop (if you own one)
  • If you own your own DJ console – you’re welcome to bring that to learn on
  • A big smile
  • A willingness to learn!
Can the teacher come to me?

Some of our teachers will travel to teach, but you’ll have to discuss that with your individual teacher, and usually an additional travel fee will apply.

Can my friend come along? Does it cost any extra?

You’re absolutley welcome to bring along a friend or two in your lesson & that way you can divide the cost amongst yourselves. There’s no additional fee when doing this. Keep in mind that the more people in your class, the less time one-on-one time you’ll receive. 

What if I need to cancel my lesson?

You’ll have to discuss that with your individual teacher/instructor, however usually there is a 50% loss of lesson fee in the event of cancellation to protect our instructor’s time. If a lesson can be rescheduled to another day that week with the instructor, that’s fine with us. But it is at the discretion of the instructor.

How Many Lessons will it take me to learn?

That really depends on how much time & effort you put into the lessons, and how quickly you pick it up. Everyone’s learning ability is different and it does vary. We say as a general rule of thumb in DJing that after 5 lessons, you’ll have a basic knowledge of DJing, after 10 you’ll be able to mix at an intermediate level in front of your friends and then 15-20 you’ll be a pro & ready to perform in front of a crowd or at a club!

I want to teach with you guys, how do I start teaching?

Check out our Teaching Page here, there’s a seperate FAQ for our teachers.